Whitechapel is a British television drama series produced by Carnival Films and shown on ITV in which detectives in London's Whitechapel district deal with murders which replicate historical crimes. The first series depicted the search for a modern copycat killer replicating the murders of Jack the Ripper.

For Season Two, in which a pair of identical twins replicate the crimes of the Kray Brothers in east London,  I produced both the above the line marketing image:

and the publicity campaign.

The main image for the publicity campaign depicted the 3 main leads in a rough east London pub, surrounded by scary looking east end gangsters. Other images showed the exterior of the pub to be the Blind Beggar where, on 9 March 1966, Ronnie Kray shot and murdered George Cornell, an associate of a rival gang, the Richardsons, as he was sitting at the bar.

As is so often the case it was impossible to get the 3 main actors all together, at the location, and have time to shoot them, so we built up the image in layers. I photographed the pub interior, complete with extras sporting an exotic variety of facial scarring, and then set up a studio shoot on a separate day to shoot the acotrs, separately from each other as the schedule allowed, sitting at the pub table.

A late addition to the image, a week or so after the main shoot, came from the client, who thought it would look better if the guys had drinks at their table. So I photographed the different drinks against black, and also on a sheet of glass to get the reflectioons ion the varnished table top, and added them into the image.

The marketing campaign, devised by agency BBH, was based on the idea of the villains of the series appearing as literally a shadowy presence, threatening the safety of the three main characters but keeping their identity a secret.

I sketched out some ideas to work their concept up into something that would work photographically

and then shot a very quick, rough version to prove that the concept would work in terms of angles, composition etc. At this point I also decided on the placing of the actors in relation to the wall and the kerb, so that we could shoot all the elements at ther correct angles.

With the basic look approved we then shot the actors in the studio, and also a pair of actors with cardboard guns as the shadows that would ultimately be placed onto the wall. The shadows were also filmed as moving images to create a motion poster version of the image.

Finally the locatioon, a railway bridge in Shoreditch, east London, was photographed from the correct angle.

I also created a motion poster version of thios image, in which the shadows moved.