Lord Of the Dance Setee was a comedy show by Richard Herring, with a title based on his childhood mishearing of the lryics "I am the Lord of the dance, said He". I was asked to produce the promo image for the show, and of course the idea of Richard dancing on a setee was the obvious choice.

Rather than just a straight shot of Richard on the settee, I thought it would be more interesting to shoot multiple versions of him, giving the feel in one static image of an extended dance routine.

I shot Richard against black in a large studio, capturing both portrait images of him seated on the settee and also lots of variations of dance moves.

I wanted to have a really nice, classic Chesterfield sofa (settee, what is the difference anyway?!) but the cost of hiring one and having it shipped to the studio was prohibitive on our small budget, so I went to a friend's house and photographed their settee with the correct backlighting so that it would merge with the shots of Richard.

Once everything was blanded togather and merged with a smokey, stage type background, it looked really striking.