Lightfields is a five-part supernatural drama which tells the story of three different families living in the same house during three different time periods, 1944, 1975 and 2012, linked by the spirit of a young girl who died in mysterious circumstances in 1944.

The scenes in and around the house were filmed at Stockers Farm in Hertfordshire (which was also used as a location  for the film Children Of Men and the TV show The Adventures Of Black Beauty) and the house was completely redressed three times over three months to reflect the different time periods.

So in order to shoot the final composite image we had to go to the location three times, each time a month apart, and shoot the same room from the same position with the actors from the relevent time period, all the time keeping in mind the overall master composition.

Another challenge was that the room itself was very wide, but i couldn't get very far back as it wasn't very deep. I didn't want to use a super wide lens and end up with a fisheye effect, and I wanted to shoot each actor as large in the frame as possible, so i shot the background plate of each time period as a joiner, then corected any image distortion in each one and joined the three joiners into one master joiner. This was a massive pain in the ass, especially as the room had been redressed each time so not everything actually matched up across each scene.

Just for a final challenge, when we returned for the third time a false wall and a set of kitchen cabinets had been built where my camera position was, so I had to shoot the last set of images perched on a kitchen counter top!