This BBC Music campaign was a huge and exciting project to work on. The idea was to record a version of The Beach Boys' God Only Knows, featuring 27 iconic singers and musicians from around the world, to highlight the breadth and diversity of the BBC's musical output.

Each artist was recorded at Sarm Studios in West London, and also filmed, mostly on green screen, for their part in the accompanying music video. We then got the artists for a few minutes to shoot our studio portraits, which were eventually comped together by retoucher Kaia Zak into a huge and fantastical scene featuring everyone who had performed on the track.

Involving nine days of shooting over 4 months it was a great project to work on, though challenging as we often only had a couple of minutes with the artists by the time they had finished filming. But it was a testament to the goodwill that exists for the BBC that these global stars were willing to give up their time for us, and the final result is an amazing collection of musical talent.