I have shot images for two series of Doctor Who, as well as three christmas specials and a couple of other one off shoots. These images were for Series Six, for which I travelled to cardiff and did a shoot for every episode, as well as an initial overall shoot. The aim of all the shoots was to shoot a comprehensive library of character shots, but in general the episodic shoots were more geared towards producing a main image for that episode, whereas the initial shoot was about creating a range of more general shots of the three main characters.

I make externsive use of sketches when planning shoots, and for the overall shoot this came in especially handy, as we had a huge amount to shoot in the day and i had to carefully schedul it all in to make sure we didn't unnecessarily have to change coloured backgrounds or lighting set ups back and forth. I arranged the various shots by various criteria of lighting and background, and came up with a schedule that was an efficient use of the time.

The main publicity image for the series referenced a key character and plot point in the story arc, the Impossible Astronaut. I had the idea that, as the visor is mirrored, we could show the three main characters using the astronaut itself as the frame, as if they are peering into the visor and we are seeing their reflections through their eyes.

We had already shot plenty of suiotable shots of Matt, Arthur and Karen, so we arranged a shoot with the astronaut suit, an amazing replica of a 1960's era NASA spacesuit, and photographed it in order to drop the reflection into the visor. This was an interesting challenge, as I wanted to get the visor as clear of actual reflections as possible and shooting what is essentially a hemispherical mirror without getting the entire studio in the reflection is really hard! I put up as large a black background as possible, with extra black cloths hanging round the sides, and shot through a hole cut in the middle, to minimise the amount of stuff i would have to retouch out of the reflection.

For the episodic shoots througout the filming of the series I would shoot the characters against white during short breaks between scenes, and then shoot empty plates of the set usually at lunchtime, as the crew would generally be filming on it at all other times. It was always a challenge as sometimes we would get the actors for less than a minute, but luckily Matt, Arthur and Karen are true professionals and very nice people, and we could always get something good in the short time we had. The supporting actors who played the various monsters, villains and other people in individual episodes were always very co operative as well, and it was always fun to see what new character designs would be revealed in each new episode.