The Suspicions of Mr Whicher is a period detective drama. It stars Paddy Considine in the title role of detective inspector Jack Whicher of the Metropolitan Police and is based on the real-life Constance Kent murder case of 1860 as interpreted by Kate Summerscale in her book The Suspicions of Mr Whicher or The Murder at Road Hill House.

In series 4, for which these photos were taken, Mr Whicher is hired to look into threats made against the son of the former Home Secretary, who has recently returned to London from India, only to discover he is being pursued by Lascars (A slang for Indian sailors) in search of some kind of retribution.

I travelled down to Chatham Docks in Kent, where the crew was filming some exterior scenes, to shoot background plates that we could drop Paddy Considine into. We had to be fast as the crew had an extremely busy shooting day, so we snuck into position and quickly shot our backgrounds during camera turnarounds or other filming breaks.

I first shot my assistant in position for reference, and then shot joiners of the empty scenes to use as backgrounds. Shooting joiners rather than one wide angle image means that the final image is bigger and that full frame images of the actors will drop right in to the image without having to be resized.

As there were lots of extras in the shots being filmed, I took the opportunity to shoot as many background characters as posdsible, to populate the background of my image.

And as the sun started to go down, we had access to our final location of the day, an old sailing ship. I also took shots of the sky, in case I wanted to make this more dramatic than it appeared in the straight shot of the ship.

One final studio set up shoot, on set in Windsor this time, with Paddy Considine, and I had everything I needed to put the images together.