Bad Hair Day is an annual fundraising even for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, for which people wear a wig or style a crazy hairstyle to work or school. I was asked to come up with ideas for the campaign based on the types of people it is aimed at, and to produce, shoot and retouch the images.

The concept I discussed with the GOSH team was to have ordinary people in ordinary situations, played quite straight, but with crazy wigs on, providing a counterpoint to their seriousness and the everyday surroundings. We discussed various details and elements that needed to be included, and I worked up some sketches.

The budget and timescale were both very tight, and so we didn;'t have the option of taking a full crew of people, including actors, hair and makeup, stylist etc etc, to four different locations over a number of days. The most cost effective way to produce a series of high quality images was for me and an assistant to shoot all the backgrounds over a couple of days, and then do a single studio day with the whole crew and actors, to shoot all the people.

I shot background plates on an old tube cariage, in a victorian classroom, in a Peckham hair salon and in an office in Canary Wharf, gathering all the background elements we would need to create the final images.

Then it was time to shoot the actors. We shot them against white, careful to match lighting, angles and distances with the background images. For the salon shots we were able to borrow a chair from the salon which resally helped, but for the tubne image we had to build a replica tube seat which matched all the dimensions of the actual one, so the actors could sit on it and be in just the right position to drop into the background image.

Then it was simply a case of compositiing the elements together to create the final images. Images were deisgned to be able to be cropped into different formats, as the campaign was used across a wide range of media.