New custom usb sticks

I was recently contacted by the guys at USB Memory Direct asking if I wanted to try out their custom usb drives. I jumped at the chance, as those things are so useful in so many ways, and ordered some of their bamboo 'Navigator' drives, with my logo and website address printed on the side. They're super cool! I love the wooden casing, and they have little magnets that keep the lid on which is a nice touch. And being able to print my details on them is great, as it means I can send files to clients and they then have a little reminder of me that is actually a useful thing that they'll keep around.

As file sizes have got bigger, and as my photoshop style has become more and more complex, the file size of my final images can often be in excess of 5GB. There's no easy or quick way to send these monster files over the internet, and posting or biking hard drives around is expensive and full of the worry of never getting the drive back, so having a little disposable usb drive which I can easily send to a client if they need layered files, and not worry about getting it back as it's useful promotional tool in itself, is fantastic.