butch femme - queer tattoo event

This project was a series of portraits at the Butch Femme event at Sacred Art tattoo shop in London, 'a celebration of non specific and non conforming gender through tattooing, reconstituting the queer body'. I photographed the tattoo artists working at the shop, all of whom aregender non specific, female or queer, and some of the customers there to get tattoos as well. The aim of Butch Femme is not so much to do 'gay tattoos', but to create a safe space in which people of non specific and non conforming gender and all sexualities can feel welcome and comfortable, and often feel like they can reclaim their own body through the act of tattooing it.

I was lucky to have a very glamorous space to shoot in, especially when it began to rain. A bin bag was hastily deployed to protect the lights and shooting continued.