hitachi rail europe


Most shoots have challenging aspects, something that complicates things and requires your best problem solving skills. In the case of shooting lifestyle images to promote new rolling stock designs for Hitachi Rail Europe, showing people aboard the trains enjoying all the onboard innovations, the glitch was that the trains didn't at that point actually exist.

Luckily, what did exist was a number of full size, incredibly detailed interior, and partial exterior, mockups housed in various warehouses and train depots. These meant that we could shoot images of people on the trains, as long as we could add in the scenes outside the window.

I took care lighting the scenes to give the impression that there were light sources inside the trsin but also the sun shining in from outside, and used the actual refections in the glass to at least give me a guide to how to add in refections against the photoshopped outside environments. Then took several train journeys to shoot realistic scenes outside the windows, and dropped them in.