shaina west desert shoot

Shot in the same session as my other set of images with Shaina, this different outfit, again suggested by Shaina herself,  called for a different setting, and luckily I had just the thing. Drawing from manga and anime Shaina had come up with the idea of the bandage toip and loose linen trousers, which made me think more of a training outfit than a superhero costume. I flet like this was what the samurider would wear as she learnt her skills out in the wilderness, before returning to the city to fight crime. So by the magic of photoshop I was able to place her into a wilderness background.

A few moths earlier I had been in Joshua Tree National Park and had shot a series of backplates, with no clear idea of how I wanted to use them. By carefully matching the lighting reference of how the light fell on Lorna in the actual location I could shoot Shaina in such a way that she could be easily slotted into the landscape and would sit naturally with the lighting of the background.